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Apps and Games You'll Love


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Gecko <br> A Mac app made for developers. <br> Gecko creates every app icon for your apps. <br> Compatable with Mac, iPhone, iPad, iMessage, and Apple Watch icons.
ScanList <br> Create a shopping list on your mobile device only using barcodes. <br> ScanList includes item lookups, list creation, barcode scanner, QR code scanner, and an easier way to shop.
AirCam <br> Seamlessly stream your IOS device camera to your TV.
Lenny Face Stickers <br> Send the faces of Leny to your friends through iMessage.
Space Monkey - Defend Earth <br> Help a monkey pilot a rocket. Shoot explosive bannanas at UFO's to prevent the invasionof earth.
Quicksend Messages <br> Save any type of message directly into iMessage. <br> Quicksend prevents you from typing the same info over and over to each friend. <br> Ditch copy and paste. Give Quicksend a try!
Monkey stickers that are fun to send to your friends and family!
Spooky Stickers! <br> Send spooky themed iMessage Stickers to your friends.
Poo Location <br> The iMessage extension that share the location of you specially formulated poo. <br> Poo Location even provides the exact longitude and latitude of your steamer. <br> Compatible with iPhone, and iPad <br> Take out civilians with a customized car. Gain points to apply upgrades and power-ups.

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